EOSIO state history snapshots by EOS Amsterdam

EOS Amsterdam provides archives of EOSIO state_history_plugin data for a number of networks for public downloading.

Nodeos was configured with chain-state-db-size-mb = 65536

Archives are available at https://snapshots.eosamsterdam.net/public/ , and below are individial links for every chain.

EOS Mainnet

The archive consists of state, blocks, and state-history archives, plus a copy of a portable snapshot made by EOS Sw/eden before the state history snapshot was taken. This should help if your environment is different. The archives are made with eosio-2.0 Debian package for Ubuntu 18.04.

BOS Mainnet

The snapshot was made with BOS software release 3.0.1 compiled with sources on Ubuntu 18.04, without compiler pinning (no -P option). The archive contains a portable snapshot.

Telos Mainnet

The archives are made with a eosio-2.0 Debian package. A portable snapshot is included.

WAX Mainnet

The snapshot was made with WAX software version 1.8.4 installed from Debian packages made by WAX sw/eden. The archive includes a portable snapshot.

Jungle Testnet

The archives are made with 1.8.0 Debian package because of a bad block that is not compatible with 1.8.1. A portable snapshot is included.

Usage examples

Pipe HTTP into untar:

      mkdir -p /srv/eos/data
      cd /srv/eos/data
      curl -s https://snapshots.eosamsterdam.net/public/eos/2019-12-18/eos_2019-12-18_state-history.tar.gz | tar xzvf -


      mkdir -p /srv/archive
      rsync -av --inplace rsync://snapshots.eosamsterdam.net/public/eos/2019-12-18 .

Parallel downloading with aria2c:

      mkdir -p /srv/archive
      aria2c -c -s 10 -x 10 --file-allocation=none https://snapshots.eosamsterdam.net/public/eos/2019-12-18/eos_2019-12-18_state-history.tar.gz